Why are some sites missing from the lists?

The Nottinghamshire Heritage Forum is a membership organisation open to public and privately held Collections in the county. Not all sites choose to join.

How do I organise visits for groups outside usual opening hours?

group-visitsLook for the ‘group visits’ symbol next to an attraction’s listing which indicates group visits are available both during and outside normal opening hours.

Do all museums and libraries have facilities where I could change my baby?

We’re working with our members to encourage them to offer appropriate facilities.

How family friendly are museums these days?

Some museums ensure that they provide a range of activities and facilities for families. Other museums are constricted by space or the nature of their collections. The Forum is working with our members to develop a range of family days out in Nottinghamshire.

Can I get a drink when I visit?

Look for the symbols with the attractions listings:
light-refreshmentsDrinks are available. Some sites have vending machines while others are able to provide a range of hot and cold drinks.

restaurant-or-cafeSites which offer cafe or restaurant facilities with a wider range of hot and cold food and drinks.

Which museums offer speakers who will visit groups?

It varies from museum to museum. Contact the curator who will be able to offer advice.

I would like to take a picnic. Which museums would you recommend?

Look for the ‘parks’ tab at the top of the places listing which will give you a list of attractions with picnic areas. Other museum may be able to offer picnic areas, but you are advised to contact them in advance.

I’m interested in researching my family history. Would I be better visiting a museum or a library?

All the libraries listed are able to offer advice and resources. However, their sources will relate to the local area so it is advisable to check what is available before you visit. Nottinghamshire Archives has a comprehensive series of records for the County. Nottingham City Library has a comprehensive series of records relating to the City of Nottingham.

Museums vary in the resources and support they are able to offer. Please contact the museum before you visit to check what is available.

Which museums have shops?

This varies and depends on whether you are looking for a souvenir of your visit or something to give as gift.  Contact the site before you visit if you have particular requirements.

Do I have to be a library member to use the Local History collections?

No. However, if you want to access an item which is not on the open shelves at either a Local Studies library, the Nottinghamshire Archives or them manuscripts Department at the University of Nottingham,  you may have to apply for a Reader’s ticket on the day of your visit which will require appropriate ID. If you are travelling some distance it is advisable to check on the ID requirements.

How do I donate an artefact or a document to a museum?

All the museums listed will have a collecting policy which will dictate what they are able to accept. Approach the museum which has a collection relating to the item. If they are unable to accept your donation they should be able to offer advice about which museum(s) to contact.