Ruddington Framework Knitters

Ambitious Plans for The Framework Knitters Museum, Ruddington

The Framework Knitters Museum at Ruddington is raising funds for an exciting project which would enlarge and unify this unique heritage site. For the first time in a generation the nineteenth-century framework knitter’s cottages that currently divide the museum’s buildings into two separate sites are available for purchase. Acquiring these would transform the museum and dramatically improve what it can offer visitors and school groups.

The museum is appealing to its past and current supporters for help to raise the funds required to acquire Gunn Cottage before it is sold on the open market:

A Rare Opportunity

The Framework Knitters Museum is a fast-growing, forwards-looking, dynamic museum, and this success is due to the commitment and support from people like you. With your help we now have a once in a generation opportunity to make it even better. Expanding our site to include the neighbouring cottage block will enable us to unite our existing buildings into a single site and provide us with the space to finally do justice to Nottinghamshire’s rich textile heritage. Your support will enable us to offer you improved visitor facilities, create new exhibition spaces, enable us to host bigger events, develop a designated educational resource space and provide a fitting home for our unique textile collection. Greater space will enable us to become a community resource at the heart of Ruddington life and establish us as a key heritage destination for the entire region.

A Museum with a Mission

The museum has already made major improvements in the past two years. Visitor numbers are at their highest ever, and our events in 2012 and 2013, our most popular yet, generating record levels of funding. Our plans however require more funding than we can generate alone.

We remain committed to continuing to enhance the experience and opportunities that we can offer visitors, and have twice been awarded financial support from the prestigious Heritage Lottery Fund in recognition of this. With a variety of funders already committed to our current £100,000 improvement plans for 2013-14 we are already working hard to enhance the physical environment of our historic site, develop new displays and materials, introduce a brand new educational package, and unveil Britain’s only permanent Luddite exhibition.

However, without your help to extend our site we can only take these improvements so far and we are limited in how many people we can accommodate. The purchase of this neighbouring cottage block is our opportunity to gain the space that will guarantee future growth and expansion of our services.

This is why the museum has launched a fundraising campaign, and why it needs the help of supporters old and new. As the only museum dedicated to celebrating the history of Nottingham textiles, and learning from the story of its poor workers, we need your support.

You can make a donation online via the museum’s website